Fully Funded Swiss Government Scholarship for International Students

How would you feel if you have the opportunity of studying in Switzerland without having to pay tuition fees as an international student?

Fully Funded Swiss Government Scholarship for International Students

If this is something you would be interested in, then it’s important that you definitely follow me to the end of this piece to start your journey in achieving your dream.

Brief Introduction of the Swiss Government Scholarship

The Switzerland Government is currently offering fully funded scholarship opportunity to its citizens and international students from all over the globe who’re interested in pursuing their choice of degree in designated learning institutions in the country. The scholarship is aimed at promoting international cooperation and culture of the country.

What is the Designated Level of Study?

The scholarship funding is open to both graduate and undergraduate degree programs in designated learning institutions in the country.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Swiss Government Scholarship?

The scholarship is open to both citizen and international students from over 180 countries of the world.

What is the Value of the Scholarship?

The scholarship grant will cover the following;

  • Full Tuition Fees: Successful candidates will be exempted from the payment of tuition fees and enrollment fees in any of the designated learning institution.
  • Health and Medical Insurance: Students would be eligible for free health and medical treatment throughout the coverage of the scholarship grants.
  • Miscellaneous Payments: Student would be given monthly allowances, housing allowances, and other miscellaneous payments throughout the course of the scholarship grant.

What is the Requirement for the Scholarship Grant?

Before candidates can apply for the scholarship grant, the following criteria must be duly met;

  • Applicant must be an international student or citizen who have the pre-requisite qualification to enroll in one of the designated learning institutions in the country.
  • Language proficiency certification is required as applicants looking to enroll for French-taught courses would be required to provide proof of French language proficiency which is the same for applicants who are looking to enroll for English-taught courses, German-taught courses, and Italian-taught courses.

When is the Deadline for the Swiss Government Scholarship Application?

The deadline for submission of the scholarship application is on the 29th of September, 2022.

How to Apply for the Scholarship Grant?

Applicant are required to visit the official platform and completely fill the online application form. All applications must be duly submitted before the official closing date of the application.