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Voracious Blog is owned by the marketing company, which since 2012 has helped over a million consumers compare banks and lenders in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. We use data, analytics, and marketing technologies effectively in our solutions.

We are happy to share our knowledge and data with journalists or other entities interested in the consumer loan market:

  • In-depth knowledge of consumer loans and loan products
  • Anonymous data on typical customer profiles for different loan products
  • Data on the differences between the markets in which we are (for example, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Mexico)
  • Data on seasonal variations between different months or seasons
  • Data and comments on the evolution of the consumer credit market

Comparison of financial services

We offer comparisons for various financial products, such as savings accounts, credit cards, and personal loans. Before you start using our services, we need you to know three important details:

Reference information

We strive to keep our comparisons relevant and up to date. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of loan amounts, interest rate or specific requirements, etc. The interest rate of the loan and the amount of the same that is offered always depend on the credit profile and the result of the credit analysis carried out by the financial institution. Always confirm information with the lender before applying for a loan.


We work with several banking correspondents and advertisers. We receive a commission for any of the offers and products featured on Although we can highlight sponsored offers in search results, the ranking is not affected by this. We always rank products based on cost in our comparisons, not how profitable they are for us.

financial team

The team behind has years of experience in the quest to provide the best comparison service. We are passionate about helping our visitors make better financial decisions and we always recommend comparing loans before applying.

Comparison is easier

We help people from all over the world to make the best financial decision through our comparisons. collects data from financial institutions and other types of companies, and we compare the data in an easy and accessible way so that our visitors have an overview. Finding the best option has never been so easy.

Reliable comparison results

The results of our comparisons can be sorted by user ratings or lowest cost. We also include companies that are not affiliated with us (we do not profit from them) if we do not approve. In other words, we provide accurate, fair and complete comparative information. This is what differentiates us from our competitors.

Reliable Ratings and Reviews

If you are looking for unbiased, transparent ratings and real opinions on financial products, is your place. We connect millions of consumers with trusted lenders and hope to make the process less difficult and more transparent for you.

Your opinion is important

If you visit our site to write a review, we appreciate your valuable contribution to our community. If you're looking for the best financial service, rest assured that we carefully review every consumer review to make sure it's a review written by a real consumer. Your voice is more powerful than ever.